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We felt in love with Venice many years ago, when we were young and we visited the city for the first time. In that moment we realized that was a very special city.

Actually, we love many other Italian cities, but Venice gave us something unique. It gave us the chance of getting lost in its hidden back streets, discovering small pieces of History & tradition.

And we were specially amazed with its ‘bacari’ (plural of bacaro), humble restaurants far away from touristic areas, where real venetians spend their time chatting, eating small plates of classic Italian food and sipping on glasses of young local wine.

Since then, travelling to Venice has turned into an addiction and has changed our lifestyle. For venetian and for us, these little taverns have been transformed into such an essential leisure activity that the fact of going out to them is a social affair. They call this ‘andare a bacari’ (going to bacari) and is very curious to see how different is one between the others, mainly because of its ‘patron’ (boss) and the clientele own personality.

Normally they were stablished very close to the local markets, and its main purpose was to give shelter and of course drinks to the venetian traders. Now are just the place to be, an afterwork meeting point for locals who as good Italians drink, eat and gossip.

The food we can find in the ‘bacari’ is normally very simple, where the fresh product is the main character and the cooking is just the right touch to enhance its natural flavours. As they were next to the local markets, its speciality is about fresh vegetables grown in salty fields, traditional cured meets and the fish from lagoon with its very special characteristics.

Our favorites:

All’Arco (Calle dell’Occchialer, San Polo 436)

Al Mercà (Campo Bella Vienna, San Polo 213)

Alla Ciurma (Calle Galiazza, San Polo 406)

Cantina Do Mori (Calle dei Do Mori, San Polo 429)

Cantinone Già Schiavi (Fondamenta Nani, Dorsoduro 992)

Enoteca Al Volto (Calle Cavalli, San Marco 4081)

Vino Vero (Fondamenta Misericordia, Cannaregio 2497)

Alla Vedova (Ramo Ca d’Oro, Cannaregio 3192)

Baccareto da Lele (Campo dei Tolentini, Santa Croce 183)

Bronzo team